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Philosophy & tradition

Postkarte Hotel Feldbergblick





Ehemaliges Hotel Feldbergblick im Winter

“Everything is beautiful if viewed with love”


So wrote the poet Christian Morgenstern.


Wir haben uns diesem Leitspruch gerne angeschlossen drücken es durch die Gestaltung und Ausstattung des Landhaus-Appartements aus. Aber nicht nur schön sondern auch gemütlich und erholsam soll das vorübergehende „Zuhause“ sein.


We happily subscribe to this philosophy, which is reflected in the country house-style design and furnishing of the holiday apartment. But we wanted this home-from-home to be not only beautiful but also comfortable and welcoming – a perfect place to relax and unwind.


The visitors' book contains many comments from holidaymakers. Take a look.

We are continuing the tradition of the former Black Forest hotel, at which many well-known people of the day stayed at that time. The old visitors’ book, which can be viewed in the apartment, provides a glimpse of that era.